Analytical Method Development and Validation of Diacerein Tablets by Rp-hplc


This paper describes the analytical method suitable for validation of Diacerein by reversed Phase high performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) method. The method utilized RP-HPLC (Water Alliance 2695 with PDA UV detector) model, a column Zorbax CN, the Analytical balance Shimadzu Libror and a pH meter Control Dynamics. The mobile phases were comprised of A and B of Acetonitrile and Buffer pH-|3.5|. Validation experiments were performed to demonstrate system suitability, specificity, precision, linearity and range, accuracy study, stability of analytical solution and robustness. The method was linear over the concentration range of 25-150 mg/ml. The method showed good recoveries (80.30% 118.14%) and the relative standard deviations of intra and inter-day assay were ± 0.6030 and result were 101.26% respectively. The method can be used for quality control assay of Diacerein.


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