Potassium, Cesium, and Ammonium Peroxogermanates with Inorganic Hexanuclear Peroxo Bridged Germanium Anion Isolated from Aqueous Solution.


Potassium (K6[Ge6(μ-OO)6(μ-O)6(OH)6]·14H2O, 1), cesium ammonium (Cs4.2(NH4)1.8[Ge6(μ-OO)6(μ-O)6(OH)6]·8H2O, 2), and potassium ammonium (K2.4(NH4)3.6[Ge6(μ-OO)6(μ-O)6(OH)6]·6H2O, 3) peroxogermanates were isolated from 3% hydrogen peroxide aqueous solutions of the corresponding hydroxogermanates and characterized by single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction studies and by Raman spectroscopy and thermal analysis. The crystal structure of all three compounds consists of cations of potassium and/or ammonium and cesium, water molecules, and centrosymmetric hexanuclear peroxogermanate anion [Ge6(μ-OO)6(μ-O)6(OH)6](6-) with six μ-oxo- and six μ-peroxo groups. Peroxogermanates demonstrate relatively high thermal stability: the peroxide remains in the structure even after water release after heating to 100-120 °C. DFT calculations of the peroxogermanate [Ge6(μ-OO)6(μ-O)6(OH)6](6-) anion confirm its higher thermodynamic stability compared to the hydroperoxo- and oxogermanate analogues.


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